How to Reset Netgear Router?

how to reset netgear router

About How to Reset Netgear Router

Resetting a Netgear router is a straightforward process that can help you restore the router to its default settings. There are two primary methods for resetting a Netgear router:

1. Soft Reset (Using the Reset Button)

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This method is useful if you want to reset the router to its default settings without losing any custom configurations like Wi-Fi network names (SSID) and passwords.

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Here are the steps:

a. Locate the reset button on your Netgear router. It’s typically a small, recessed button located on the back or bottom of the router.

b. Using a paperclip or a similar thin object, press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds. You might need to use some force, as the button is usually recessed to prevent accidental resets.

c. Release the reset button after approximately 10 seconds. When the router restarts, the default settings are restored.

2. Hard Reset (Factory Reset):

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A factory reset erases all custom configurations and settings, including your Wi-Fi network name and password. This should be done if you need to completely start over with your router or if you’ve forgotten the login credentials.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset:

a. Locate the reset button on your Netgear router, as mentioned earlier.

b. Use a paperclip or a similar tool to press and hold the reset button for at least 20-30 seconds. Continue holding it until you see the router’s lights blink, which indicates that the reset process is in progress.

c. After the lights stop blinking and the router reboots, it will be reset to its factory default settings.

After resetting your Netgear router, you’ll need to set it up again from scratch. This includes configuring your Wi-Fi network, setting a new admin password, and adjusting any other settings to meet your needs.

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Remember that resetting your router should be done with caution, as it erases all customizations. Make sure to document important settings and configurations before performing a reset, so you can easily reconfigure your router afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a Netgear router to reset?

Press the reset button within the recess for seven seconds with the straightened end of a paperclip. Allow roughly 30 seconds for the router to restart with its default settings.

What happens if I reset my router NETGEAR?

A factory reset erases all personalized settings, such as your user name, password, WiFi network name (SSID), and security settings.

Is it safe to reset the router?

Many modems and routers include a power and reset button. The reset button is typically a pinhole in the back of the gadget that requires a paperclip to access. The reset method is not recommended because it will reset your device to factory settings and erase any existing settings.

Is it OK to reset my Wi-Fi router?

Routers, like PCs, benefit from frequent hard resets. Resetting a router can help clean the memory, which is important if you have several devices or an older router. Resetting your router is a simple approach to prevent malware attacks; in fact, the FBI recommends it.

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