How to Reset HP Laptop: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to reset HP laptop


Before you reset your laptop by yourself without knowledge, let’s learn how to reset HP laptop without any trouble. Why should you need to reset your laptop? Some of it is because your laptop got a junk file or malware (virus) file downloaded. Your laptop is stuck while processing any software or stopping your Chrome browser and Microsoft Office tools.

Laptops are electronic gadgets that could be used for school, college, and business work. If it does not work properly or needs to be repaired. You can contact IT Support Services for assistance with your gadgets.

Some Step for How to reset HP Laptop

Step 1: Backup Your Important Data

backup data

Prior to beginning a reset of your device, it is essential to protect any important files and data that you have stored. It is highly recommended that you transfer all documents, photographs, and any other important information onto an external hard drive, cloud storage service, or USB flash drive as a backup measure to ensure these files are not lost in the reset process. Doing this will provide peace of mind, knowing that all of your irreplaceable files are safe and secure.

Step 2: Access the Settings Menu

In order to begin the process of resetting your laptops, access the Windows Start menu located in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Click on the icon that looks like a gear – this is the “Settings” icon – to open up a range of configuration options. From here, you can select different settings and initiate the reset process.

Step 3: Select “Update & Security.”

Update & Security

In the Settings menu, click on “Update & Security,” which is typically identified by a circular arrow and a shield icon. This feature enables users to keep their system up-to-date with the latest security updates, as well as providing options to check for new versions of Windows. Furthermore, it allows users to back up their data and configure automatic backups.

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Step 4: Choose Recovery.

Once you select the “Update & Security” section of your operating system, you will find a tab on the left-hand side labeled “Recovery”. Clicking on this tab will bring you to a variety of recovery options. These options can be used to help restore your device in case of unexpected problems or to reset it to its original factory settings. With the recovery options provided, users are able to make sure their devices remain up and running despite any potential issues they might encounter.

Step 5: Reset Your Laptop

Reset Your Laptop

Under the “Recovery” section of your Laptop’s settings, you’ll find the “Reset this PC/System” option. The reset process is initiated by clicking the “Get Started” button. Through this process, all of your files and programs will be removed, and your laptop will be restored to its factory settings, allowing for a fresh start. This reset process can take anywhere from a few minutes, depending on the amount of data that needs to be removed and how powerful your laptop is. Check out Reset HP Printers

Step 6: Choose a Reset Option

You’ll be presented with two reset options:

a. Keep my files: Removes apps and settings, but keeps your personal files intact.

b. Remove everything: Deletes all your personal files, apps, and settings.

Choose the option that suits your needs. “Remove everything” is advised for a thorough reset.

Step 7: Decide on Cloud Download (Windows 10 and later)

If you are using a laptop that runs Windows 10 or any of its later versions, you may find yourself prompted with the decision of whether to download Windows from the cloud or use local reinstallation files. This choice is entirely up to your own personal preferences and internet speed. If you have a reliable connection and don’t mind waiting, then downloading from the cloud may be your best option. However, if your internet speeds are slower or you’d prefer a more immediate solution, then using local reinstallation files may be the right choice for you. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which route is best for your individual needs and preferences.

Step 8: Begin the Reset Process

Confirm your choice and click “Next” to begin the reset. Follow the on-screen directions and wait for the process to finish. Your laptop could restart several times during this process.

Step 9: Set Up Your Laptop

Once the reset is complete, your HP laptop will restart, and you’ll be guided through the initial setup process. Follow the prompts to select your language, region, and preferences.

Step 10: Restore Your Backed-Up Data

After completing the setup, you can start restoring your backed-up data from the external storage device or cloud service you used earlier.


We hope you understand the above steps for how to reset HP laptop. For any further support, you can contact us at HP Laptop Support or call +1 888 3144410. Our Expert teams are waiting for your response.

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