Canon EOS C70: Features and Specifications

canon eos C70

About Canon EOS C70

The Canon EOS C70 stands out for creators looking for a tiny powerhouse to capture spectacular visuals. This ground-breaking cinema camera bridges the gap between the legendary Cinema EOS series and the nimble EOS R mirrorless cameras, providing superb image quality and professional video functionality in a surprisingly tiny physical factor.

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The RF Lens Mount: A New Era of Image Quality

The Canon EOS C70 holds the distinction of being the first Cinema EOS camera to use the groundbreaking RF mount. This revolutionary lens attachment, previously restricted for the EOS R series, expands filmmakers’ options. The C70 benefits from the RF mount in the following ways:

  • Superior Image Quality: RF lenses are engineered to provide unrivaled optical performance, capturing images with breathtaking sharpness, clarity, and detail.
  • Enhanced Speed and Flexibility: The large diameter and short flange back distance of the RF mount enable speedier communication between the camera and lens, resulting in superior autofocus performance and improved image stabilization.
  • Future-Proof Design: The RF mount is compatible with an increasing number of high-quality lenses, giving filmmakers the creative freedom to explore their vision.

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Super35 DGO Sensor: Capturing the Essence of Every Scene

canon eos c70 features

A powerful Super 35mm DGO (Dual Gain Output) sensor is housed in the C70. This unique sensor provides filmmakers with various advantages:

  • Exceptional Dynamic Range: The C70 captures stunning photos with up to 16+ stops of dynamic range, enabling for accurate reproduction of highlights and shadows even in low-light situations.
  • Low-Noise Image Quality: Even in low-light circumstances, the DGO sensor produces remarkable image quality, resulting in smooth, grain-free footage.
  • High Frame Rates: The C70 is capable of shooting breathtaking 4K footage at a smooth 120p frame rate, making it excellent for slow-motion sequences as well as capturing fast-paced action.

Professional Video Features: Taking Your Creativity to the Next Level

The C70 is jam-packed with professional video tools that give filmmakers complete control over their work:

  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF: This powerful autofocus mechanism provides quick, accurate, and dependable focusing, ensuring that your subjects are sharp throughout the scene.
  • Internal RAW Recording: The Canon EOS C70 can capture RAW footage internally, giving filmmakers complete freedom and control in post-production.
  • ND Filters and Anamorphic Support: Built-in ND filters improve exposure control in bright conditions, while anamorphic compatibility enables the capturing of cinematic widescreen film.
  • Dual SD Card Slots: The Canon EOS C70 has dual SD card slots for simultaneous recording, which ensures data redundancy and backup.

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Compact and Mobile Design: Unleashing Creativity on the Go

The EOS C70 deviates from the traditional bulky cinema camera design by providing a compact and lightweight form factor that encourages creativity on the fly. This enables filmmakers to do the following:

  • Shoot in Tight Spaces: The Canon EOS C70’s compact size makes it ideal for capturing footage in tight spaces and challenging environments.
  • Increased Mobility: The lightweight design allows for effortless transportation and setup, making the C70 perfect for run-and-gun shooting and travel.
  • Effortless Integration: The C70 seamlessly integrates with existing EOS R system accessories, allowing filmmakers to leverage their existing gear and expand their creative horizons.


Canon’s EOS C70 marks a paradigm leap in movie cameras. It provides great image quality, professional video functionality, and a tiny and mobile design to filmmakers, making it the ideal tool for capturing breathtaking images and bringing tales to life. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a budding filmmaker, the C70 gives you the tools you need to unleash your creativity and achieve cinematic brilliance.

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